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  • This court noted that Smith did not extend to discounted stock options and thus, the application of Section A to a discounted stock option pursuant to Notice was not contrary to Supreme Court jurisprudence, as argued by Plaintiffs.
  • Due to this ability to exercise in more than one year, a stock option that is subject to Section A generally will not be compliant.
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  • Under the short-term deferral exemption, as set forth in the notice, the terms of the plan must require payment by, and the amount must actually be received, no later than 2 12 months after the year in which the amount is no longer subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture.
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To whom does Section 409A apply?

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What is a 409A valuation?

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Court of Different Claims martial in a trading case that included stock indices are deferred compensation 409a compliant stock options to the traders of Long A of the Investor Ownership Code.